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Bear & Bear Stocks H&B Aprons, Yay UK!

We're so excited to share that Bear & Bear now carries select H&B styles in the UK! Bear & Bear is based between West London and the South West of France, curating lifestyle goods that translate seamlessly in urban life and nature. We interviewed the founders, Sam and Ben, to give you a glimpse of their kickass company from the other side of the globe!  


From the Co-founder Sam

What's the story behind the name "Bear & Bear"?

There are a few reasons for this: it’s a play on words as in “bearing gifts”, but it’s also the pet name we’re called by our wives and girlfriend, and who doesn’t love bears?

Favourite surf spot: 

A right (wave) that is 4-6 foot, with only a few people out that stretches for a couple of hundred metres. Failing that secret spot in my mind, La Nord in Hossegor can fit the bill on the right days!

A dish that changed your life:

Chuleta is just perfection in its simplicity. A cut of meat that’s seasoned and grilled to perfection, the best I know of is Bar Nestor in San Sebastian.

I can't live without:

Family and friends 

Words to live by:

I tend to have a lot of these, but probably the most useful is "focus on changing the things you can influence, forget about the rest."

What brought you to our brand?

It was recommended to me as the best aprons on the planet

From the Co-founder Ben

What's the story behind the name "Bear & Bear”?

To begin with both of our partners happen to call us Bears which is where the initial concept of the name came from. We then procrastinated for quite some time and came to the conclusion that we love Bears and all wild animals, perceive them as hunter gatherers (as we do with accessories, very carefully sourcing them), have the utmost respect for nature which was and still is a significant part of our offering in our “out and about” category. Having thought all of this through the absolute truth is that we just loved the name and felt as though not only was it meant to be for the above reasons but it perfectly fit our then perceived future brand identity. 

Favourite surf spot: 

If I’m gonna be completely honest I can barely stand up on a board! In 1998-99 I spent more than a year living in Byron on the East Coast of Australia where I first learnt to surf… again even after a year still pretty badly. I’ve been to countless surf spots over the last 20 years and barely ever surfed, apart from one foot white water! Still, if I could choose one it would either be Wategos Beach in Byron or Lennox Head a little further up the coast. I love that spot. Life Goal: learn to properly surf so Sam and I can have our meetings in the ocean.

A dish that changed your life:

On my first trip through Africa I found myself in a very remote village in Zambia for a couple of weeks. All there was to eat was Mielie-meal and the odd piece of Tilapia on a good day. It’s all the locals have to survive on which massively opened my eyes. This brought serious realisation of how lucky we are with the abundance of amazing food to choose from at home, especially being a serious foodie! This realisation was a life changer on many levels, from being grateful for everything that we have (even if it is only Mielie-meal) to being determined to help others where I can. 2nd Life Goal: humanitarian / nature charitable project in sub Saharan Africa! One small step is B&B supporting 1% for the planet which is an amazing charitable organisation

I can't live without:

This is extremely tricky because I would love to say exploring all corners of the world. But the absolute truth is family, friends and remaining open to spread kindness and love to everyone that crosses my path. Even on a micro level I believe that positivity and kindness spreads and the more that it can spread the better..

Words to live by:

Boredom doesn’t exist! I was taught this at a very early age and am a true believer that this word shouldn’t even be in the dictionary as it actually has no meaning. We live in an incredible world to enjoy and even the moments of silence and inactivity are in fact some of the best, while others refer to them as being bored?!

What brought you to our brand?

I think I first saw your apron brand being worn by a chef at Nobu and instantly loved the look of it! Then recently one of my closest friends who is very prevalent in the UK food world recommended your brand to me as by far the best apron in the world and that we should definitely stock it as one of only two apron brands. Implicitly trusting her I did my research into your brand and absolutely loved it! It fits absolutely perfectly with our core values for any product that we stock which is that everything must be Functional, Durable and Beautiful. Your brand fits the bill! As an added bonus having looked through your social media and blogs I feel that our brands align perfectly in our approach to working life...


Check Bear & Bear out for their badass collection of curated goods and our favourite aprons! 

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