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Lucky You, Lucky Peach!

Do you ever meet someone and just... ⚡️Click⚡️???

lucky peach food magazine

That's what the union of H&B + Lucky Peach feels like. We feel it in our fingers and our toooooes 😜 We love everything they're doing over there!! So we decided to band together for March's bonus giveaway goodies! 📬

cook apron chef aprons workwear culinary

#ICYMI Every month, we include a little bonus treat with every online order 📦 Cause we love ya!!

lucky peach culinary food magazine

So this month, we're including a @luckypeach sticker or temp tattoo (cause you're never too old, really) AND orders over $200 will receive 1 of 3 different power ⚡️ veggies pin (while we have 'em)!! Shop here

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