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More than 4,000 Cooks & Chefs Have Spoken


4.8/5.0 (4,864 Reviews)

“Top chefs across the globe wear H&B."

“This apron is cuter than most of my actual clothes”

“As practical as it is pretty.”

“The crowd favorite: Hedley & Bennett Crossback Apron”

Pro grade, for all

The perfect pocket. The perfect strap. The perfect stitch. Every detail matters in our H&B gear.

"I’ve always admired how The Beatles unify people with their music. We want H&B to be a unifying force in our own way, so it made sense to give a nod to them and put something out in the world that represents unity and joy."

- Ellen Bennett , Founder

What makes our apron the greatest in the world?

Proven with the pros
Proven with the pros

Worn by countless top chefs, and in more than 6,000 restaurants everyday.

Insanely high quality
Insanely high quality

From brass hardware to durable fabric, we use only the best ingredients.


Each detail is designed to meet the needs of the hardest working chefs in the world.

Guaranteed for life
Guaranteed for life

Every apron we make is backed by our H&B Lifetime Guarantee.